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Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Dear Travellers, Adventurers and Meditators Welcome to the Himalayan Republic of Nepal.

Nepal, even though a tiny Himalayan Republic with a small population of 20 million, is rich in cultural beauty heritage, unexploited nature's beauty, Himalayan panorama, vivid flora and fauna.

We have a number of activities for wide varieties of taste and choice of the visitor. Some of the activities Nepal offer for the visitors are:

  1. Cultural tour
  2. Archaeological tour
  3. Natural tour
  4. Meditation and yoga camping
  5. Hiking and trekking
  6. Mountaineering and expedition
  7. White water rafting and kayaking
  8. Wildlife activities
  9. Hot balooning and para gliding

Our experienced and well trained staff give their best effort to make your short visit memorable, this is why people recommend Star Tours & Travels as one of the best agencies. This agency has an electronic credit card payment system and a directly online system with International Airlines, providing maximum security to our valued customers. We are located in the heart of the capital city in, Thamel, the main tourist center.

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Star Tours & Travels offers help and assistance regarding VISA problems for entry permit to Nepal and India as well as Thailand.

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