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The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) is dedicated to advancing scholarly inquiry into Buddhism and other world religions to clarify their universal value, to integrate them into humanity's rich spiritual heritage in the modern age and to solve myriad problems facing humanity today.

On January 27, 1962, the Institute of Oriental Studies was founded in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo for the sake of clarifying the relevance of Buddhism and other world religions in the modern world. In November of the same year, the institute launched The Journal of Oriental Studies, a scholarly publication of essays. The institute was recognized as a nonprofit foundation under Japanese law in December 1965, at which time the name was changed to the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP). In 1986, the IOP moved to its present location on the campus of Soka University, and since 1987, it has published an English-language edition of its journal on an annual basis. On November 9, 2010, the IOP was recognized as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation under Japanese law. It has exchange and collaborative agreements with universities and research institutions worldwide.

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IOP is planning to establish a study and research center for eastern Philosophy and culture. Nepal is a living cultural heritage of not only South Asia-region but also allover the world. An industrialist from Pokhara purposes a big land. The location of that land is very unique because of its base of mount Fishtiles and Fewa lack of Pokhra. From that land several ice-picked mountains are directly very visible all daytime.

In first phase, IOP will develop a Special comparative study curriculum of philosophy for all Laval to focus much modernized quality of philosophy. The IOP have no skilled manpower to do well all above. So, IOP would like to request all philosophers to help it to gin a motto.

Please assist us to develop world-class philosophy center in this Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.

The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has several unique opportunities to new researchers. The IOP would like to encourage and recognize every researcher, Scholars; Fellows study point of their new researches.

  1. The Tribal-based religions Nepal locates 120 tribe-species) their cultural functions and their living style have uniqueness to brand new research
  2. Nepal has very unique social systems and philosophical faiths. Researcher can write a nice thesis into Nepalese Buddhism. The Nepalese Buddhism has been developed mainly into following four phases: (A) By Aryan-Buddhist those came directly from India when Buddha was living (b) those that came from Tibet (c) Those developed by combinations into Aryan-Tibetan influence and finally (d) those who are sharing both Aryan-and Tibetan Buddhism philosophy. It is still untouched field by any philosophical study. Mystics might another interesting subject for philosopher too.
  3. We have unlimited brand new opportunities on philosophy and IOP will feel glade to co-work anyone wise to give some thing new to the world.
  4. Philosophy is still recognizing as a father of the knowledge. The philosophy is power of Ideas because a small spark of Idea may lead world as politics.

Project: 1

Vedas into Nepali

The word of Veda has derived from an ancient Sanskrit word 'Vid' which mean is: Knowledge or wisdom. According to ancient Aryan mythology: There was only Veda into beginning of word; Latter Veda became four (Rig, Yajur, Sam and Athrva Veda) divided by Vyasa Deva who is a famous historical Sanskrit poet of Indian continent. Traditional Aryan believes that all four Vedas are eternal and limitless creation of supreme lord and absolute source of all knowledge. Its Composition time very is confusing because of several composers had not shown any clue of time when they had composed it. But historically believes runs between BC 2000 to 1000.

The Veda is soul subject of Hindu's society and only written document of an ancient world what continually exists in the present era. Without doubt: Vedas should be considered the historical property of human race to the present havoc.

Originally Vedas has composed into ancient Sanskrit languages that nowadays become a scholarly language of traditional Brahmins and not access to interested general public. Although the Veda's are considered as the most secret book of Hindus but most of Hindus don't know meaning of Veda due to linguistic problem.

The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is constitutionally defined The "Hindu State" and become an interesting pin-point for all Hindus those resides either out of Nepal or into of Nepal. Being a resident of Hindu state and born into traditional Hindu's Family, our duties automatically derive us into Vedic work. The Duties becomes more subjective when Vedas are not available for Nepali speaking people those calls himself a Hindu.

The IOP's main goal was "Translating Veda into Nepali" when it established at 2000 in Katmandu. Now our past president and general secretary Dr. Govinda Sharan Upadhayaya is continually translating the vast five thousands paged book of the Veda which is originally composed into old Sanskrit. Fortunately, Nepal's leading daily newspaper "Space time daily" publishing this translated version every Wednesdays.

Due to lack of resources, translating job is very slow. The IOP is looking some gracious donor who may fulfill Nepalese people's desire to read Veda into their own language. Also, IOP has a plane to create a online where Veda could be available always and anywhere.

For further inquiry about this project, please contact:

Dr.Govinda Sharan Upadhayaya,


Phone: 977-1-370577

Conference announcements

Since September 11, 2001, "terrorism" has become the subject of increased academic interest. Our tiny Himalayan country Nepal is also fighting against terrorism with USA and other world societies between Sociological, psychological, political, and economic analyses of terrorism have flourished. But there are also deep Psychological & philosophical issues generated by critical reflection on terrorism that are equally deserving of academic inquiry. The IOP is trying to find out a long-term solution of terrorist that all terrorist activities could be finalized.

The aim of the conference on Psycho-philosophical phenomena of terrorism and terrorism solution is to examine philosophical and Psychological issues connected with terrorism. The IOP has lunched two-phase program: (1) A competitive papers from Student (2) From Scholars are invited to submit a paper that examines Psycho-philosophically any aspect of terrorism.

For program details and registration for conference are as below:

"The Institute for Oriental Philosophy" is proud to announce worldwide Competitive Call for Papers from student on following topics or relative self-choice topics, will be presented at its 1st annual meeting, March 20-22, 2003 at the Blue Star Hotel, Katmandu, Nepal.

''Psycho-philosophical phenomena of terrorism and terrorism solution''

Deadline: 15 January 2003.

Rules for submission:

  1. The participant must show their student identification from an authentic source.
  2. Articles should not be longer than 1200 words.
  3. The Graduates & postgraduates are subject of submission.
  4. Every Participant would have to send their original writings not before presented or published.
  5. Every article should be written or typed one side of white paper. Electric submissions will not be accepted.
  6. We require:

    Name of presenter(s),mailing address and institutional affiliation, Email address, Phone/s, Fax, US$15 (for Graduates) US$25 a (for postgraduates) one 37'" X 37" sized recent photograph. Please send it to Dr.Govinda Sharan Upadhayaya, (Competition),

    Institute for Oriental Philosophy

    Post Box No: 3520,

    Kathmandu, Nepal.

  7. All submissions will be subject to revision by our research team and the selected first five submissions will be subject to a full grant for the conference. This award includes Air-tickets, lodging, food, Mt. Everest show flight etc. Awarded one may present their writing on going conference.
  8. Those who are interested to present group discussions, Please at
  9. If you need more information please contact or Phone: or
  10. Also :

Institute for Oriental philosophy

Post Box No: 3520,

Katmandu, Nepal.

Phone: 977-1-411963

Fax: 977-1-424250


Founded in 2000.

The purpose of the institute is to promote philosophy Nepal by encouraging new research, facilitating the exchange of ideas, fostering the educational foundation of philosophy, improving the Academic status of these subjects. The primary activities of the IOP are its annual conferences. These annual meetings consist of concurrent programs in philosophy, plenary sessions of mutual interest to philosophers. Each annual meeting feature a distinguished speaker invited by IOP, alternating between a philosophers.


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QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP: Full membership in Institute for Oriental philosophy usually requires a philosophy or psychology background in the relevant discipline. Those who do not have a philosophical back ground are also eligible for membership but they will no authority to voting on meetings.

Applicants for membership should submit a copy of their curriculum vitae with their application.

DUES: New applicants, are required to pay their dues in advance of consideration of their applications. Dues will be credited for the year, which begins on the day of the business session of the next annual meeting, at which time applications for membership will be officially reviewed. Meanwhile applicants will receive all mailings of the IOP. In the event of unfavorable action on this application, the dues will be refunded. Checks may be made payable to Institute for Oriental philosophy.

Dues Enclosed: $51.00 (one-year full membership) Student Membership 20 (one-year full membership)


Dr.Govinda Sharan Upadhayaya, Institute for Oriental philosophy, Post Box No: 3520, Katmandu, Nepal.

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Since 1996 have been started Maoist activities in tiny Himalayan kingdom from that time an unlimited human blood spoiling this land name of the Mao or Democracy. Nepalese people had never desired such violence for their prosperity.

Nowadays, The time passed away late king Birendra's Peace proposals for long prosperity of Nepali land. Present truth is Violence and only violence. Some child is looking his mother or father and other relatives for his service. Do you want to help them to manage a school, food or other thing? If Yes, Please think to do some thing better and join us to help then by any manner either money or materials. They all will be in looking your kind donation.

Please send your Donations to:

Dr.Govinda Sharan Upadhayaya

Institute for Oriental Philosophy (Child care)

Post Box No: 3520,

Kathmandu, Nepal.


Institute For Oriental Philosophy

Thamel-29, Post box No: 3520

Phone: 977-1-411963,370577

Fax: 977-1-424250